Today I was actually planning to introduce you to one of my childhood’s games – bottle cap game which we recently re-discovered with Zuzanna but then something happened. I was left home alone with my kids.

It didn’t start off that bad. While I was working, Zuzanna was playing LEGO with Filip, then they had an apple and afterwards he took a huge poo. That’s something I can deal with. Believe me.

Time went and things seemed to work out smoothly. I could prove how great I am as a dad. But then Murphy’s law came into place. If anything can go wrong, it will.

Filip started walking towards me and kept smiling. He hugged my legs and then… he bit me. It really did hurt like hell.

Later that day I had an argument with Zuzanna. She didn’t want to put her red jacket on:

– Zuzia, it’s cold outside, please put it on – I said.

– No, daddy, I won’t, I look ugly and fat (?!)

So she started to burst into tears and I got almost mad since we really needed to leave as Filip was going to the doctor for a vaccination.

I had barely managed the crisis and soon thereafter we hopped on the bus.

It was all OK again.

At the doctor’s Filip cried – of course. But just a little bit and he was actually a quite brave boy. And was awarded with a toy crocodile for his pain. But this part was OK, nothing unusual for a parent, right?

We came home. We ate lunch and then I gave Filip a small chocolate. As as a sign of my appreciation for how brave he was today.

The following hour was incredibly quiet.

Then I found this.

Filip's chocolate hands on the wall...
Filip’s chocolate hands on the wall…