Last week we spent five fabulous days on Ibiza. While I was enjoying my time off work, I was thinking about putting together a short parental traveling guide that might help you survive. So here it is. Enjoy!

1. Plan everything ahead… NOT.

IMG_0695Some preparation is required when you travel with your kids, but frankly, all plans turn out useless at some point and you will need to improvise. Are you able to take literally everything you need with you? No, you are not. So just let it be – have your wallet, credit card and your id’s prepared, everything else will be ok. Just relax man, you are going on vacation.

2. Avoid going to Ibiza in summer. Really do.


Ibiza is very nice in summer. No, it’s not. It’s crowdy, messy and prices go up like crazy. We enjoyed 5 days at the end of April where beaches were almost empty, restaurants still not full and prices were reasonable. Zuzanna, Filip and Simon (the son of our friends) had all the space in the world and they could enjoy playing in sand wherever they wanted. Same for restaurants, we could get a table for 7 people wherever we wanted to stop and grab something to drink or eat.

3. Ignore kids menus. Pick something different instead.


I do not want to sound radical but most of the kids’ menus at the restaurants are like an insult to people’s taste. All over the globe you get those shitty chicken nuggets and french fries, burgers or pizza. Some restaurants may have a bit different offer and we indeed found one on Ibiza (see attached picture) but in general it’s all the same. So just go for the regular menu and don’t be scared your kid won’t enjoy it. Zuzanna adored the fresh fish soup she got and even stole some of my Pulpo Gallego (spanish octopus dish).

4. Stay away from where you are staying.


The worst thing you can do – stay all the time there, where you initially arrived. We always rent a car – if on Ibiza, Mallorca or Menorca and I cannot emphasize enough the advantage of having your own car and exploring the island on your own. On Menorca, with some help of locals, we found amazing, hidden beaches, restaurants no one except for the locals go to and wecould – even just in a little bit – experience the real Menorca. Staying in the holiday resort only limits our options.

5. Avoid dining out in the evenings. Restaurant owners hate couples with children.

Taken from
Taken from

Of course not. But it depends on where you go. We went to a place called Bambuddha (, a fancy and a bit expensive restaurant, 15 km away from Ibiza city. I was a bit worried how they would treat two families with 3 small children as we arrived around 8 pm. And they made us feel so welcome like it was a typical family place. We got more than enough attention and the waitress was just perfect. The food was nice too but it was the service that mattered and for the service I would go back there anytime. And again – no kids menus there but Zuzanna still enjoyed her Pad Thai from the „adults” menu.

All photos taken by me (using my Iphone 5s), except photo from Bambuddha taken from their own website and the title picture (with Zuzanna on the beach) taken by Agnieszka E. Krol Photography (you can find her on Facebook if you like).

PL version to follow.

See you soon.