When we hit the road we never can agree on the music we should listen to in the car. My wife prefers radio (but just while driving, normally she’s a fan of jazz, bossanova, tango and such) but I find it the most boring source of music of all times. Same songs being played over and over again, come on. Zuzanna has her 4 CD’s Disney Collection and some random songs she likes – „Itsy Bitsy Spider” has high rank on her personal favourites playlist. Filip doesn’t care much yet, he is a big fan of my wife’s singing though.

When it comes to me I am very much into different genres, starting from pop through electronica, some alternative rock, indie to metal. And it’s rather hard to gain my wife’s approval for my playlists on the car. Like she doesn’t show much appreciation for what Deftones do and she probably never will.

So here I came up with a short 5-songs-long playlist that is safe for the kids, yet not boring for the dad. And the mommy will most probably approve.

Number Five – Bokka „Reason”

If you want facts and figures go to Google. I can only tell that Bokka gave the best live performance I’ve ever seen back in November 2014. I get goosebumps every time I hear „Reason” and I played this song probably a milion times already. There’s something about those kind of underwater-sounding synths and how they play along with this monotone drumming being out of tune at times. My wife hates synths and she still likes this song. Do you really want to argue with my wife?

Number Four – Electric Youth „Another Story”

As a proud born-in-the-80’s kid I enjoy all 80’s reminisicing music by default. And no wonder I like this ethereal piece that could fit so well in many of the made in the 80’s movies. Surprise, surprise, it was released only in 2014.

Number Three – Architecture in Helsinki „Sooner than Soon”

Another sleepless night?. Another bad hair day after your kid gave you a hard time? Try „Sooner than Soon” – an almost perfect lullaby that no kid will resist.

Number Two – OK GO „This Too Shall Pass”

– Daddy, please play the video  doggies – Zuzanna says and I immediately know what she means – „White Chuckles” by OK GO. „White Chuckles” is fun to watch like all OK GO videos but the song is just mediocre so here I go for my favourite „This Too Shall Pass”. Especially this version makes me cry the tears of joy everytime I hear it. And my family cries along.

Number One – Phoenix „Lisztomania”

„Lisztomania” might be our family’s all-time favourite song since we chose this one for our first dance at our wedding. Did it take a lot of preparation? No. We simply improvised after we got inspired by this mashup video and this song still reminds us how great our wedding day was. And you might have just thought how cool it must have felt to dance to such song. It did indeed feel very cool. And I had my black ray ban’s on. Who’s the boss now?