Working days:

At 6:00 am I hear my iPhone beeping for the first time. I’ve set a song that really cheers me up – Junica’s „Living in My House” as my morning alarm but it doesn’t really help, I still use the snooze function. I wake up again after ten to fifteen minutes. The last couple of weeks we’ve been lucky. Filip doesn’t wake up until 7 am. My wife is still asleep, so are my kids. This means I have approximately 45 minutes just for myself. I go straight to the bathroom. Taking a shower and some other bathroom activities (ok, alright – I am taking a pee!) add up to 20 minutes, depending on what’s on YouTube I missed yesterday. Sometimes I put my favourite music on and it must be uplifting, especially on Mondays when I really do not want to ruin my mood.

Bathroom part done. I do a quick check if my clothes are ready. They are… NOT. As usual I need to do the ironing in the morning. Ok, at least I can watch news. It’s almost 7 am so Filip may be awake any minute now, my little sweet Kraken. I rush to the kitchen which is actuall linked to the living room so the rushing takes 2 seconds maybe and I start preparing my breakfast. Since I started my healthy lifestyle I usually have a home-made smoothie and a slice of bread with some vegetables or tuna. Compared to 4 sausages, 2 bread rolls with cheese and ham and a bottle of coke I used to have some years ago I think I really did make a good progress.

Time to suit up! Takes not more than 5 minutes and I am ready. Almost, since my car keys are no longer where they should be. 7:30 am – by this time Zuzanna is wide awake and Filip is already crawling around the house. It turns out I am not taking the car ’cause my wife need to drive Zuzanna to the kindergarten. I give my wife and the kids a kiss, leave and head for the bus stop. I show up in the office around 8 am.


At 5:30 am I hear Filip beeping for the first time. He doesn’t have a snooze function. I wake up whether I like it or not. Half an hour later I hear my Iphone playing „Living in My House”.