Hi, so you want to be a great father? Want to impress your kids and your wife? Here are 5 things that will contribute to immediate improvement of your daddyhood skills and simply make you an all-women-would-love-to-have-for-their-future-children father.

1. Be a proud on-site handyman.

A real father knows how to assemble an IKEA sideboard. With no help from the outside and no assembly services – that’s for loosers. You better save this money for a new videogame for your son. Ok, a little assistance is fine, but you still need to supervise and make sure things go well.


2. Learn how to make breakfast for your kids. 

Wife’s still sleeping after another sleepless night? Kids are hungry and starting to complain? No worries. Making a healthy breakfast is not a big deal. All you need is some fruits, bread, cheese and milk from this farm just around the corner. Be wary of cereals – sugary explosion may force you to spend your day chasing your kids around the house as sugar will make them hyperactive for sure. So get ready and do not get to much stressed about the little mess you left behind. Your wife’s second name is forgiveness.


3.  Be prepared to defend your family.

Your home is your castle. Your family is the most valuable precious. You need to be ready to defend them and face every kind of evil this world might be plagued by. Your fighting skills are a bit rusty? Get some practice! Dark Souls 2 might be best for the start. After approx. 100 hours of gameplay you should be able to defeat the final boss and seeing your kids crying the tears of joy after you’ve kicked that game ass will certainly be one of the proudest moments for you as a dad.


4. Read to your kid. 

Reading is important, no doubt about it. But frankly, once you were small, your parents probably had an easy task. There were no smartphones, video game consoles, ipad’s and pc’s that could distract you. Ok, maybe they were but you didn’t own one so chances that you could be tempted by the virtual evil was rather low. Nowadays, go and try to read a book to your daugher.  She would never give back her iPad. By the way, you got your daughter an iPad? Come on, even Steve Jobs did’t let his kids use that stuff. 

And as for reading books. Do it! And pick an interesting subject.


5. Learn how to change a diaper.

So you learned how to make breakfast. Now it’s time to change a diaper. As long as you know how to tie a tie, you will be alright. Diaper changing activity is not much harder than getting suited up for a business meeting. Be careful though as your little one may provide you with a small stinky surprise. Get a plastic bag ready and quickly get rid of hat little green pesto-like poo. And wash your hands afterwards! One more tip: a cunning disguise will be of much help.


See you soon!

All photos by Agnieszka Krol Photography.